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The Oasis Project

Introducing You To The Golf Hub.


If you are looking for you have come to the wrong site.

The objective of this site is to test Meta Data - I have inserted Metadata from Houldsworth Golf Club .co .uk.

As the Oasis Project we are trying to promote a Party In The Park for Manchester Bands at Wythenshawe Park

As Noel Galagher and his High Flying Birds had a concert there on 26th August 2023 our job is done - we have driven out Speakers Corner / The Sanctuary and Shady Hollow.

Thank you Noel!

The Golf Hub

Part of the BramIT SSNA Hybrid Web Strategy.

Forest404 Infonet Release 1.0 has been suspended due to Houldsworth Golf Club Cancelling an InfoNet Quiz

HGC Site

Houldsworth Golf Club was my first club. I have fond memories of it. Their new site is quite comprehensive and is a good effort.